WU Qian,GUO Weiguo,HU Xueyao.Damage Analysis of Uncontrolled Falling of Micro-Miniature UAV on Human Head[J].Journal of medical biomechanics,2020,35(4):283-289
Damage Analysis of Uncontrolled Falling of Micro-Miniature UAV on Human Head
Received:June 18, 2019  Revised:September 09, 2019
Chinese key words:  微小型无人机  坠落  撞击  头部损伤
English Key words:micro-miniature unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)  falling  impact  head damage
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Author NameAffiliation
WU Qian School of Aeronautics Northwestern Polytechnical University 
GUO Weiguo School of Aeronautics Northwestern Polytechnical University 
HU Xueyao School of Aeronautics Northwestern Polytechnical University 
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Chinese abstract:
      目的 评估微小型无人机由于意外失控坠落对人体特别是头部造成的伤害。方法 采用ABAQUS软件进行动力学数值仿真分析,将无人机简化成不同几何形状自由下落撞击人体头部,分析撞击对人体头部的损伤度。基于人体生物组织性能参数的检索与分析,对人体头颈部通过质量-弹簧系统建模简化,头部则以实际头皮板质细节建模。结果 质量为0.5 kg、下落高度为10 m时,圆盘形无人机简明损伤定级评分(abbreviated injury scale,AIS)为1.04,圆球形和锥形无人机AIS分别为1.95和2.48。若几何形状相同,随着质量和坠落高度的增加,头部冲击加速度和AIS均增加。无人机以不同角度撞击人体头部时,圆盘形无人机冲击加速度和AIS最小,损伤程度最小;圆球形和锥形无人机冲击加速度和AIS差别较小,但损伤度较大。结论 微小型无人机失控坠落撞击时,无人机的坠落质量、高度及接触形状对人体头部的损伤度均有显著影响。
English abstract:
      Objective To evaluate the harmfulness of micro-miniature unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to human body, especially to head caused by accidental uncontrolled crash. Methods The dynamic numerical simulation analysis was carried out by using ABAQUS software. The free-falling UAV was simplified in different geometric shapes to impact human head and the damage degree of human head caused by the impact was analyzed. Based on the biological tissue performance parameters, human head and neck was simplified as a mass-spring system and the head was modeled with actual skin texture. Results When the UAV fell from 10 m with weight of 0.5 kg, the abbreviated injury scale (AIS) of the disc-shaped UAV was 1.04, and the AIS of the corn-shaped and sphere-shaped UVA were 1.95 and 2.48. For the UAV with the same geometric shape, as the mass and the falling height increased, both impact acceleration of the head and the AIS increased. When the UAV impacted human head at different angles, the disc-shaped UAV exhibited the smallest impact acceleration, AIS and damage degree. The corn-shaped and sphere-shaped UVAs had small differences in impact acceleration and AIS, but their damage degrees were large. Conclusions When the uncontrolled micro-miniature UAV impacts human head, the mass, height or contact shape of the UAV have a significant influence on the damage degree of human head.
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