LUO Lincong,MA Limin,LIN Ze,LI Xinxu,PENG Jianqiao.Finite Element Simulation of AnyBody-Based Musculoskeletal Multi-Body Dynamics[J].Journal of medical biomechanics,2019,34(3):237-242
Finite Element Simulation of AnyBody-Based Musculoskeletal Multi-Body Dynamics
Received:April 11, 2018  Revised:May 21, 2018
Chinese key words:  有限元分析  骨骼肌肉多体动力学  三维重建
English Key words:finite element analysis  musculoskeletal multi-body dynamics  three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction
Fund project:广东省科技厅 2014 年公益研究与能力建设专项资金项目(2014A020215035), 广州省高等教育教学研究和改革项目(2018),广东省研究生教育创新计划项目(2018JGXM79),广州医科大学大学生实验室开放项目(2019),广州医科大学附属第一医院教育培养项目(2018Z04),中国研究生教育学会项目(B3-20170306-03),国家自然科学基金项目(31700880,61773194),广州市科技计划项目(201803010106),军队后勤科研计划项目(BGZ15J001)
Author NameAffiliation
LUO Lincong Guangdong Provincial Key Lab of Orthopaedic Technology and Implant Materials, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University 
MA Limin Bone Disease and Joint Department, Orthopaedic Hospital, Guangzhou Military Hospital 
LIN Ze Clinical Medicine Division, Basic College of Guangzhou Medical University 
LI Xinxu Orthopedics Department of Sanshui People’s Hospital 
PENG Jianqiao Guangdong Provincial Key Lab of Orthopaedic Technology and Implant Materials, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University 
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Chinese abstract:
      目的 研究AnyBody骨骼肌肉多体动力学仿真技术的建模和有限元建模相结合的方法 ,进行临床骨外科生物力学分析。方法 根据志愿者身高、体质量及CT 数据,利用 AnyBody 软件建立志愿者个性化上肢的骨骼肌肉运动力学模型,模拟正常人肘关节屈曲运动,导出肱骨在屈曲运动过程中所受肌肉力、关节力、力矩及约束条件,作为有限元分析的边界条件。根据CT数据在MIMICS软件中进行三维重建,在Geomagic Studio软件中完成肱骨曲面化和位置坐标匹配,并在HyperMesh软件中进行网格划分和材料赋值。把三维重建的肱骨有限元模型导入ABAQUS软件中,施加AnyBody软件导出的边界条件数据并执行应力计算分析。结果 在ABAUQUS软件中计算得到肘关节屈曲运动过程中肱骨的应力、位移结果 ,肘关节屈曲运动约90°时肱骨受到的应力和位移最大,分别为0.76 MPa、20 μm。结论 实现了肘关节屈曲运动过程中肱骨应力、位移的一个连续动态的分析,更符合人体生理解剖要求,为研究临床骨外科问题提供一个高效的分析平台及新的方法 。
English abstract:
      Objective To investigate the method of modeling, finite element modeling and AnyBody musculoskeletal multi-body dynamics simulation technique analyze the biomechanics of clinical orthopaedic surgery. Methods The AnyBody software was used to establish the musculoskeletal motor model of the individualized upper limbs according to the height, weight and CT data of the volunteers. The flexion motion of the elbow in normal people was simulated, and the muscle force, joint force, torque, constraint condition of the humerus during the flexion movement were derived and used as the boundary conditions of finite element analysis.Then, the 3D reconstruction was conducted in the MIMICS software based on CT data. In the Geomagic Studio software, the humeral curved surface and position coordinate matching were completed, and grid division and material assignment were done in the HyperMesh software. Finally, the 3D reconstruction for finite element model of the humerus was introduced into ABAQUS software. The boundary condition data derived from the AnyBody software were applied and the stress calculation analysis was performed. Results The results of the stress and displacement of the humerus during elbow flexion motion were calculated in the ABAQUS software. The maximum stress and displacement of the humerus were 0.76 MPa and 20 μm when flexion of the elbow joint was about 90°. Conclusions A continuous dynamic analysis of humeral stress and displacement during elbow flexion motion was realized, which was more consistent with the requirements of human physiological anatomy and could provide an efficient analysis platform and a new way for studying clinical orthopedic problems.
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