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201505014 Biomechanical study on helical long PHILOS plate fixation for proximal metaphyseal-diaphyseal humeral shaft fractures WANG Lei,CHEN Yan-hao and LU Chun-xia 2015,30(5):463-467 62184
201701013 Analysis on microstructure and biomechanical properties in different regions of osteoporotic femoral head ZHANG Xiang-yan, LIANG Chao-g, TANG Xian-zhon, YANG Wei, WANG Jia, CHEN Hao-jie, ZHANG Guo-ning and YU Zhi-feng 2017,32(1):77-82 47320
201506001 Evaluation of unicondylar knee arthroplasty and fibulectomy from a biomechanical viewpoint 祁昕征,张家铭,谭传明,张英泽,郑诚功 2016,30(4):479-487 36671
201806015 The Role of LncRNA in Bone Remodeling and Skeletal Diseases WEI Shuping and ZHANG Xizheng 2018,33(6):572-576 15315
200801006 Biomechanics Analysis on Human Heart by Establishment of three-dimension Model and Finite Element Method FANG Hong-rong and ZHUANG Zhuo 2008,23(1):43-46 11617
201001001 Status and progress of tissue engineering research ZHANG Xi-zheng 2010,25(1):1-3 10010
201001014 Fatigue Life Analysis of Coronary Stent LI Jian-jun,LUO Qi-yi,XIE Zhi-yong and LI Yu 2010,25(1):68-73 9968
201001012 Effects of adhesive thickness on internal stress distribution in full-ceramic crowns LIN Bin,LU Cheng-lin,ZHANG Xiu-yin and ZHANG Dong-sheng 2010,25(1):56-62 9675
201001010 Biomechanics of lumbar spondylolysis : Finite element modeling and validation GU Xiao-min,JIA Lian-shun,CHEN Xiong-sheng,LU Cheng-lin,LIU Yang and ZHANG Dong-sheng 2010,25(1):45-50 9447
201001007 Evaluation of in vitro cytotoxicity and drug release property on pharmaceutical dressing HUANG Shu-jie,GUAN Jing,LI Zhi-hong,ZHANG XI-zheng and WU Ji-min 2010,25(1):32-35 9165
201203004 Finite element analysis on mechanical responses of human torso with body armor to non penetrating ballistic impact DONG Ping,CHEN Jing,ZHANG Qi-kuan,KANG Jian-yi,LIU Hai,ZHANG Liang-chao and XU Cheng 2012,27(3):270-275 9019
201203019 Application of atomic force microscopy in ultrastructure and biomechanics of cells and biomacromolecules ZHU Jie,GUO Lian-hong,WANG Guo-dong and OUYANG Wu-qing 2012,27(3):355-360 8484
201001004 Investigation on Mechanical Property of the Compound Scaffold of Sol-Gel Bioactive Glass/Collegan ZHANG Juan-juan,MENG Yong-chun,CHEN Xiao-feng,LI Yu-li,LUO Xiaogang and LIN Cai 2010,25(1):16-20 7551
201203009 Influences of cyclic tensile strain on proliferation of preosteoclasts and osteoclasts and tartrate resistant acid phosphatage GUO Yong,GUO Chun,YAN Yu-xian,LI Rui-xin,LIU Lu,HAO Qing-xin,ZHANG Xi-zheng and SHI Cai-hong 2012,27(3):299-304 7455
200801002 European Virtual Physiological Human Marco Viceconti,Gordon Clapworthy,Fulvia Taddei and Serge Van Sint Jan 2008,23(1):19-25 7284
201001008 Three-dimensional finite element numerical analysis of the Ni Ti shape memory alloy clutching internal fixator CHEN Guo-ping,FAN Yu-bo and ZHANG Dai-quan 2010,25(1):36-39 7227
201001005 Preparation and Characteristics of Patterned TiO2 Thin Film onTC4 Made by Sol-gel Method LIU Ying and ZHANG Wen-guang 2010,25(1):21-25 7076
201001009 JCS-based method on coordinate transformation of attachment points between muscle and bone TANG Gang,JI Wen-ting,LI Yuan-chao and WANG Cheng-tao 2010,25(1):40-44 7002
201302003 Effects from different head models on dynamic response of the head impact using material point method ZHOU Shuang-zhen,ZHANG Xiong and MA Hong-lei 2013,28(2):142-147 6903
201101004 Recursive calculation and parameter analysis on input impedance of arterial tree based on electric network model XIAO Han guang,HE Wei,LIU Xin hua,LI Song nong and BI Xi fei 2011,26(1):18-23 6751