An simulation experimental study on mock circulation system

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    Purpose: A mock circulation system (MCS) which can accurately reproduce the human hemodynamic environment is studied for in vitro testing in the development of artificial organs such as ventricular assist devices and artificial heart-lung machine. Method: A double-heart MCS including the systemic and pulmonary circulation is established, which basically covers the main physiological characteristics and functions of the cardiovascular system. The simulation of valves and arteries are proposed with a new way made of silicone material. The MCS can simulate a variety of physiological environments such as normal human body, heart failure, valvular disease, arteriosclerosis and peripheral obstruction changes by adjusting the control system parameters or structural parameters.The sensor and control system are used to realize the real-time display, control and data preservation of pressure and flow. Result: The MCS simulates the hemodynamic environment of the normal human body and a variety of diseases, which are basically consistent with the actual human condition. And the new valve and artery model reduces pressure fluctuations in a much better way. The first-generation ventricular assist device (VAD) is connected to the experimental platform with heart failure simulated, and the hemodynamic environment (aortic pressure, left atrial pressure, cardiac output, etc.) could all be recovered to the normal range. Conclusion: The MCS can accurately reproduce the hemodynamic environment of body and pulmonary circulation in a variety of physiological states. It provides an effective experimental platform for the performance test and control strategy design of artificial organs such as ventricular assist device. At the same time, the simulation method of making valves and arteries with silicone material can also be further improved in MCS.

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