Study on the effect of postoperative reduction quality on the prognosis of femoral neck fracture based on biomechanics

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    0bjective To investigate the biomechanical characteristics of different quality of reduction on the rehabilitation of femoral neck fracture. Methods Three cases of SAWBONES artificial femoral models were used, and two cases of Pauwell III femoral neck fracture were modeled. Three cannulated screws were inserted into the models in the form of inverted triangle to fix the fracture. And the two cases maintained different reduction quality (defined as model 1 and model 2). In another case, no modeling operation was performed (defined as model 0). Then the strain gauges were respectively pasted on the regions of interest of the 3 femoral models. Finally, the femur model was loaded with vertical load on the mechanical testing machine. Results When the displacement of femoral head reached 4mm, the average load of model 0, model 1 and model 2 was 236.30 ± 5.35N, 196.57 ± 3.56N and 69.50 ± 2.95N respectively. After statistical analysis, the average load of the three groups of models were significantly different. When the displacement of femoral head reached 5mm, the average load of model 0, model 1 and model 2 was 276.7 ± 3.40N, 232.93 ± 2.64N, and 80.83 ± 4.54N. There was significant difference among the three groups. Conclusion When the femoral head has the same displacement, the greater the residual displacement of femoral neck fracture, the smaller the load on femur; while the model of the femoral head without space displacement, the load is the largest., , which indicates that the lower the quality of the reduction of the femoral neck fracture,the weaker the ability of femur to bear stress, the higher the probability of nonunion, re-fracture and femoral head necrosis in the process of postoperative rehabilitation.

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