Study on the Effect of Vibration Training with Regular Frequency Adjusted on the Patients with Functional Ankle Instability

1.Physical Education School of Zhengzhou Universitymain campus,Zhengzhou;2.National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids;3.Bone Joint Rehabilitation,The Fifth Affiliated hospital of Zhengzhou University,Zhengzhou;4.Beijing Sport University

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The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)

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    Objective: In this study, the effect of vibration training on changes in explosive force of lower limbs, balance and muscle function around the ankle joint of FAI patients was observed while the vibration frequency was regularly adjusted, to provide an empirical basis for the clinical rehabilitation training methods of FAI patients. Methods: 26 eligible FAI patients were randomly divided into the vibration training group and the control group for 8 weeks of rehabilitation training. Changes in maximum power, average power, maximum speed and average speed of the vertical jump with single leg, changes in the long jump distance, changes in standing time of one-leg balance with eyes open and closed as well as changes in Tc, Tr and Dm of GL, GM and TA before and after training. Results: In the experimental group, the maximal power and maximum speed of the vertical jump with single leg, the long jump distance with single leg and the standing time of one-leg balance with open and closed eyes were significantly improved, moreover the increase was higher than that of the control group. The increase of Tc of all muscles in the experimental group was lower than that of the control group, but Tr and Dm did not show regularity. Conclusion: Vibration training with regularly frequency adjusted can effectively improve the explosive force and balance ability of lower limbs of FAI patients, and promote the shortening of Tc of GL, GM and TA, but it is not clear about reducing muscle tension and promoting muscle relaxation.

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