Advances in clinical application of numerical study of ear and upper airway

1.State key laboratory of structural analysis for industrial equipment,Dalian University of Technology;2.Otorhinalaryngology Department,The Second Hospital of Dalian Medical University

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    Ear and upper airway are portal organs of human body. Because of their fine and narrow structure, the non-invasive research and the effect of clinical diagnosis and treatment in traditional medicine are always unsatisfactory. With the development of computer technology, numerical simulation has become an effective means of assistant research. It can reproduce or evaluate the diagnosis and treatment of ear and upper airway diseases, and it is a powerful means to promote the development of basic medicine and the technology of clinical diagnosis and treatment. The application of numerical simulation in the relationship between the structure and function of ear and upper airway, the influence of disease on function, the evaluation of clinical diagnosis and treatment technology and the design of related medical devices were reviewed. The future clinical application of numerical research in the ear and upper airway is prospected, which can provide reference for the future clinical diagnosis and treatment of ear and upper airway.

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