Design and Control of a Soft and Wearable Robotic Glove for Hand Rehabilitation

1.Beihang University;2.College of Bioengineering,Chongqing University;3.Key laboratory for Miomechanics and Mechanobiology of Ministry of Education,School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering,Beihang University

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The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)

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    Objectiv To improve the level of using rehabilitation robot for hand rehabilitation and solve these shortcomings of rigid hand rehabilitation robot. Most of these rigid system are heavy, expensive and could be harmful for patients due to their rigid mechanisms. This paper presents a new soft and wearable robotic glove using McKibben pneumatic artificial muscle. This glove is more lightweight, compact and easy to control compared with rigid hand exoskeleton robot. Methods The robotic glove is driven by McKibben pneumatic artificial muscles. The tendon drive system transmits the tension of the tendons to the fingers in a manner inspired by the human hand, for which tendons transmit muscular forces. This design pattern highly reduced the weight of the robotic glove. A sEMG collecting circuit was developed to acquire sEMG signals from forearm. User intent can be detected by measuring the sEMG of Flexor Digitorum Superficialis and Extensor Digitorum Communis on the forearm. Results The experiments showed that the robotic glove can assist people in activities of daily living. With the help of the device, subjects can grasp objects of various shapes. The feasibility and scientificity of the robotic glove was validated.Conclusions The soft and wearable robotic glove is light weight, easy to control and comfortable. It can provide a reference for the wider use of the hand rehabilitation devices.

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